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October 2013

Traditional Sweet Shop

Jenny's is also home to a traditional sweet shop.

There is a range of lollies and refreshments to keep you going while you are creating. These are all specially imported direct from the UK.

Turn back the clock to all those great colours and flavours from your childhood, or show your own children what they have been missing.


About Decopatch

Decopatch is a great way to transform virtually anything into a work of art.

First you choose from our range of Decopatch papers in a wide choice of amazing designs and colours. Then the fun starts. 

Simply cut up your sheets and apply them to your object with a special glue-varnish. 

Decopatch works on card, metal, wood, plastic and glass. In fact just about anything gives amazing results, every time.

We will be happy to offer you creative advice on how much paper you will need, which designs works best together and which items make great presents and gifts.

Come and give it a go.


Creative Activities

Here are some of the fun things you can create at Jenny's:

Paint a Pot - Choose from a wide range of blank bisque mugs, plates, jugs characters, tiles, money boxes etc. Prices start from just $12.

Design with Decopatch - Choose from our extensive gift range. Decopatch sheets from $2 and large 3D letters from $10

We provide all the paints, brushes, stamps, tools and stencils and of course we glaze and fire the pottery ready for collection a few days later.

This activity is suitable for people of all ages.

Have fun, impress yourself, impress your friends and make an unique gift for someone special.